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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Islamic Banking System Has Advanced To Highest Level - Najib

PEKAN, Dec 12 09 | Bernama 
-- The Islamic banking system in Malaysia has advanced to the highest level, making the country the leading exponent of the system worldwide, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Saturday.
He said this was based on the country's unique twin financial plan, based fully on Syariah and in line with the financial sector masterplan.

"The Islamic banking system is seen as a system which has developed to the highest level and at a fast rate when compared to conventional banking as the growth can be seen in two digits, that is 10 per cent each year," he said when officiating the new premises of Bank Muamalat Malaysia's 54th branch here.

Also present were Bank Muamalat's chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil Jamil and chief executive officer Datuk Mohd Redza Shah Abdul Wahid.

Najib said the achievement was also made possible by the government's commitment in promoting Islamic teaching as a way of life.

He said effort was also carried out to provide a comprehensive training system in Islamic banking by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Najib said he also hoped that Bank Muamalat could promote the Islamic system of pawnbroking like Ar-Rahnu.

"If there is such an Islamic pawnbroking system here, then the local community would experience less Ah Long activities," he said.

At the event, Bank Muamalat open 200 "smart" deposit accounts for orphans and poor students in the Pekan and Kuantan areas as part of its corporate social responsibility.

At another function later, Najib also called on the people to add to their knowledge, especially in information technology, to continue progressing.

According to him, soft skills are important to access knowledge and for one to become more efficient in carrying out their tasks.

He said this when officiating the Pekan Resource Centre which is equipped with a library with over 5,000 books, information and communications technology lab, language lab, seminar room, theatre training studio, administration office and surau.

Najib said the transformation of the centre by Umno showed the party's commitment in meeting the changing needs of the people, such as acquiring new skills.